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Middle House Review awards an Editor's Choice Award. The second annual award went to Myna Chang, for fiction, and Jan Ball, for poetry. This award includes--$50 each and $30 in books that the winners choose.


We offered all our finalist publication and paid them for their work.


We've added some additions to the print issue. We're featuring  Tara Campbell's two flash fiction pieces here:    "Two Stories"

Please read our Editor's note below the links to the stories and poetry.

*Hal Y. Zhang's Review of Tara Isabel Zambrano's "DEATH, DESIRE, AND OTHER DESTINATIONS" will be posted soon so come back and check that out*



            Editor's Note: 

"Middle House Review is looking forward to completing the print collection. That's something we are constantly working on and should release in 2022. The Team is happy to bring you another volume of Height Chart. We hope you find some pieces you connect with. We learned that a MHR piece we submitted for Best of the Net was a finalist (congrats Lituo) that was rewarding, but, either way, we love everything we publish. Middle House Review and Height Chart in 2021 had more readers than ever and we are working hard to keep our success going. It is an honor that so many people spend time on the site. Thank you for sending us your words, publishing with MHR, trusting us, and being an engaging community." 

- Mike Hammerle

Fiction:      "Hometown Johnnies"  by  Myna Chang      "Two Stories"  by  Sudha Balagopal       "Xian Dan"  by  Lucy Zhang        "Adrift"  by  Tommy Dean     and     "Finding Our Way"  by  Thaddeus Rutkowski.

Poetry:      "Two Poems"  by  Jan Ball     "Father's Obsession"  by  Diana Raab      

"Six Feet Away"  by  Cheryl Boyer      "The Two Spiders Fable"  by  Richelle Sushil      "Across the Wall"  by Mandira Pattnaik     and      "When It's My Time"  by   Jasmine Flowers

  "What We Looked For" Frances Boyle.

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