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Michael Hammerle teaches creative writing and composition at two Florida colleges. He holds an MFA from the University of Arkansas, Monticello, and a BA in English from the University of Florida. He is the founder of Middle House Review. His work has been published in The Best Small Fictions, Split Lip Magazine, New World Writing, Louisiana Literature, Hobart After Dark, Maudlin House, and elsewhere. His writing has been a finalist for awards from American Short Fiction, Hayden's Ferry Review, and Prime Number Magazine. He lives and writes in Gainesville, Florida.

"If you have anything worth while to say, let it surprise you."

-Richard Bausch. Letter to a Young Writer

  • Spotlight

"Catching Up with Michael Hammerle." Matador Review. Web. 3 January 2018.

"Just One Thing with Michael Hammerle." Split Lip Magazine. Web. 15 November 2019.

"Now Playing: November 2019." Split Lip Magazine. Feature. 15 November 2019. 

  • Nonfiction

 "Est. 1990: Little Faith" (Nonfiction). The Write-In: National Flash-Fiction Day. June (2021). 

"Zero Out" (Nonfiction). Nostalgic AF: A Video Game Anthology. June (2021). Print.

"Congratulations" (Nonfiction). Split Lip Magazine. November (2019).

  • Fiction Online

"Flushable Wipes Clog Pipes" (Fiction). Bear Creek Gazette. July. (2021).

"The Lowest Pitch" (Fiction). Maudlin House. January. (2021).

"Things I Learned From Hey Arnold! and Why Arnold Never Goes to High School:​" (Fiction). Hobart After Dark. November. (2020).

"Misrule" (Fiction). The Daily Drunk. August. (2020).

 "One Bird In-Hand is Worth Ten in the Bush" (Fiction). BULL: Men's Fiction. November (2019).

 "Odin, Consider Me for Valhalla" (Fiction). New Flash Fiction Review. Issue 14. September (2018).

"Coolside" (Fiction). Mythic Picnic Editor’s Choice Award Winner. Vol. 1. (2018).

 "Laugh Now-Cry Later" (Fiction). Chicago Literati. December (2017).

 "The Experiment" (Fiction). Matador Review. Winter (2017). 

 "The Horse Did Not Always Go Home" (Fiction). New World Writing. September (2017).

 "Killerman" (Fiction). Steel Toe Review. Issue 25. Fall (2016). 

  • Fiction Print

"Hotel Florida" (Fiction). Michigan State University Libraries Short Edition, 2022. Print.  

"Killerman" (Fiction). Best Small Fictions. Ed. Amy Hempel. Braddock Avenue Books, 2017. 87. Print.  

  • Poetry Online

"On Being..." (Poem). After the Pause. September. (Forthcoming).

"Staple in my Thumb," "Child Mothers," "Empty Driveway," "Things I Learned Waiting in Hospitals," "Found Beauty," "The Bastard That I Am " (Poems). New World Writing. July (2021).

"Prisons" (Poem). Autofocus. July. (2021).

"This Lord," "Tarn" (Poems). Anti-Heroin Chic. May. (2021).

"The Demise of a Southern Shed-Punk Band," "And the Start of a New Sound," "In the Cul-de-sac the Day Derrick OD'd," "They Were Gonna' Let us go but I Dropped the Switchblade" (Poems). Punk Noir Magazine. May. (2021).

"Salt Bonnet," "Alexander," "You Have Found Me," "Untitled" (Poems). Punk Noir Magazine. April. (2021).

"Anonymous Obituary," "Am I On the Island That's Thriving or Starving," "Hollow" (Poems). The Arkansan Review. December. 2020.

"Symbiosis" (Poem). After the Pause. Vol. 7 Issue 4. December. (2020).

"The Virus I Am" (Poem). Dream Journal. October. (2020).

"I Swim" (Poem). The Daily Drunk. July. (2020).

"Some Boots Are Hard to Put on" (Poem). Shot Glass Journal. Issue 31.

"Work Clothes" (Poem). Clementine Unbound. 2 June. (2020).

"No Time Was Sacred and We didn't Complain" (Poem). Ghost City Review. May. 2020.  

"Where Was the Old Hammer and Wrench?," "Dialysis : Lake City" (Poems). Temz Review. Spring. Issue 11. (2020).

"I’m One Man" (Poem). Drunk Monkeys. September. (2019). 

"There's Never A Good Time To Die" (Poem). Misfit Magazine. Spring. Issue 26. (2019).

"The Good Stuff," "I Should be Able to Move You" (Poems). After the Pause. Fall. (2019). 59-60.

"Possum Creek Skatepark" (Poem). After the Pause. Spring. (2018). 12.

"The World is a Barber," "Dying," "Carolyn(Poems). Coffin Bell. Issue 1.2. April. (2018). 

     Best of the Net Nomination 2018

"Light and Heat(Poem). Corvus Review. Issue 9. (2017). 123. 

"Old Woman and Tea" (Poem). The River. Sandy River Review. University of Maine - Farmington. November (2017).

"When I Was Beautiful" (Poem). Eunoia Review. October (2016). 

  • Poetry Print

"Hell I See" (Poem). Orchard Lea Books: Cancer Research Anthology. (Forthcoming).

"Fortune Aground," "I Used to Draw" (Poems). Helicon. (Forthcoming).

"Knife Collection" (Poem). Louisiana Literature. (Forthcoming).

"He Will Rest," "Empty Cabin" (Poems). Louisiana Literature. (2021).

"Looking at My Son," "Tortic" (Poems). Louisiana Literature. (2020).

"Push Start Lymph-Node" (Poem). Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press (2020).

"Mistakes"  (Poem). Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press. Winter (2018).

"Enter the Reeds" (Poem). Japery. University of Arkansas at Monticello. October (2018). 1-3.

"Men at Twenty-five," "Outage," "We Are the House We've Built," "Age is Sobering," and "Finite As the Body(Poems). Door Is A Jar. Issue 7. Spring. (2018). 43-48.

"A Father's Lessons Stick(Poem). Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press. Summer (2017).

"Cardboard Kingdom" (Poem). Poetry Quarterly. Prolific Press. Summer (2016).

"Cento anni" (Poem). Mosaic Art and Literary Journal. Issue 54. University of California, Riverside. (2015).

  • Contests/Awards

The Daily Drunk Novella Competition Winner for the fiction manuscript, "Edesia," (2021). 

American Short(er) Fiction Contest Semi-Finalist (2018). 

"Coolside" (Fiction). Mythic Picnic Editor’s Choice Award Winner. Vol. 1. (2018).

Best Small Fictions Winner, "Killerman" selected by Amy Hempel. (2017).

Hayden's Ferry Review Flash Fiction Contest Finalist selected by Tara Ison. (2016).

Prime Number Magazine Award Finalist (Poetry) selected by Alan Michael Parker. (2015).

  • Photography

"The Most Worshipped Star #3" (Photo). Versification. October 2020.

"Patio Photos" (Photos). Back Patio Press. November 2020.

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