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Marissa Glover "The Cone of Uncertainty"

An irregular heartbeat has been detected,

says the smart watch—and I wonder

if this is the last sentence I’ll ever read,

the last time I’ll check the buzzing at my wrist.

What if I die here, on the back porch, where

I only sat to cool down, to dry off, after rain

turned a walk into a race. Behold this miracle

of movement! Faster than I’ve run in years,

darting through yards like deer, scared

of lightning, startled by tree limbs blown

by outer bands of summer—a violent storm

that will move on soon after the damage,

like seasons of marriage my mom warned

me about. I wait for the all-clear

so I can move again at a natural pace,

stopping to look at the red bird or flock

of clouds, imagining they’re a heart, a smile

or cotton candy sweet in the mouth. Instead,

I melt into this chair, writing goodbyes

in my mind—another word with every blink,

every stuttered beat. Praying someone

finds me if I fall, as my whole body buzzes.

Bio: Marissa Glover currently lives and writes in Florida, where she is co-editor of Orange Blossom Review and a senior editor at The Lascaux Review. Marissa’s poetry has most recently appeared in The UCity ReviewHocTok MagazineWriters Resist, and Chasing the Light anthology. Her full-length collection, Let Go of the Hands You Hold, will be published by Mercer University Press in 2021. You can follow Marissa on Twitter @_MarissaGlover_.

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