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Jennifer Ruth Jackson "Couple Phantoms (Columns)"

Couple Phantoms (Columns)


You are the one           I cling to...                     future memories

following me past       dawn, a wakefulness   I can't find like ghostly

windows, reflecting    birds hopping as          voyagers (jerky and intense)

silhouettes mocking    you and me.  We         unravel, already frayed,

our sideways dance     (unreasonable)             ending in soft circles

Momentum                  will only wind down    (old clockwork toys)

leading us along          when we dare dream     of our past lives





Jennifer Ruth Jackson is an award-winning poet and fiction writer whose work has appeared in Red Earth Review, Banshee, and more.  She runs a blog for disabled and/or neurodivergent writers called The Handy, Uncapped Pen from an apartment she shares with her husband. Follow her on Twitter @jenruthjackson

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