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Middle House Review awards an Editor's Choice Award. The inaugural award went to Emily Hockaday. This award includes--$100, a print copy of MHR, a print copy of Split Lip Magazine, and a copy of Amy Hempel's Sing to It.


Big thanks to Height Chart's Vol. 1 guest editor, Sneha Subramanian Kanta. 



            Reviews:      'Collective Gravities,' by Chloe N. Clark is reviewed by Rebecca Lorenzo.

"As in the collection’s titular story, 'The Collective Gravity of Stars,' the reader experiences the world shifting beneath their feet. Nonetheless, the distance between the worlds Clark creates in just a few pages and the readers’ own provides a sort of safety through which readers can experience this dissonance or miscalibration. Moreover, the open-ended nature of each chapter mimics the unknowability of death and the incoherence of loss, both of which figure prominently in the stories as well." - Lorenzo

Fiction:      "Those Frozen Moments"  by  Emma Oliver      "Concessions"  by  Lori Barret      and      "Only Together"  by  Mileva Anastasiandou (Best Microfiction 2021 Nom).

Poetry:      "Three Poems"  by  Alfredo Quarto      "Crossing"  by  Carrie Jewell      

"The Thickness of Bamboo"  by  Paul Ilechko      "goodbye gourds"  by  Anuja Ghimire      "Evening in the Woods"  by Despy Boutris     and         "Grabble"  by Jack B. Bedell.

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