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Jasmine Flowers "When It's My Time"

All omens are personal. Some are for old men with teeth in their pockets. Others are for mothers

with ten arms and four legs. Mine is a silver dollar that I didn’t give to the man under the bridge.

I planted it in autumn, but I won’t make it to spring. The girls say I’m too busy to pay attention.

But who can watch the ground when the rain might come? If I drop dead outside, they’ll keep

the homegoing short. You’ll know me by the hours of the birds. Count ‘em slow like you love ‘em,

like you meant to do it, like you’ll miss the sound of the last wings. Baptize the fried fish and

white bread in hot sauce.

Bio: Jasmine Flowers is a well-watered poet from Birmingham, AL. Her debut chapbook, Horizon (2021), is now available from Flower Press. Her poems are published in River Mouth Review, Cypress Literary Journal, perhappened mag, and more. You can find her work at

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