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Frances Boyle "What We Looked For"

You on your bike would scan the driveways,

garages, front walks, me browsing alongside,

dipping into the crowded passageways, fingering

necklaces. Carnival atmosphere with blocks’ worth

of neighbours selling. You’d extend an arm, point

to where the treasures lay. A lamp, a small stand

for the philodendron I spied, the Guatemalan pot

to plant it in. China plates for our mismatched

table setting. A nearly full set of the same

blackbottomed crystal glassware I’d had when I

was married before. Rug, with a stain we could hide

by strategically placing chairs. I’d always stop

at the arrays of paperbacks, add an armful. Hot dogs

in the church parking lot, where we’d pause to collect

ourselves, assess our findings, arrange them

within our notions of home.


Frances Boyle is the author of two books of poetry, a novella and an award-winning short story collection, with a third book of poetry forthcoming in 2022. Recent and upcoming publications include Best Canadian Poetry 2020, Blackbird, The Maynard and Paris Lit Up. She lives in Ottawa, Canada.; @francesboyle19

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